2021-04-26 06:17:07 am

Top things to consider before choosing an interior fit-out and design company

You’ve decided on the location of your new office, restaurant or shop and you need specialists to turn the space into a productive, attractive working environment. We highlight the three most important things to consider before hiring a top interior fit-out and design company in the UAE – or anywhere else for that matter.

Your requirements

Be clear about what you want. Consider the kind of work that is provided by each of your departments, the type of clients that will walk through your doors and the general requirements of your brand. Are you looking for a basic setup that will get you on your feet, or do you need an all-encompassing plan that will leave a lasting impression? Pull together the information that your interior specialist will need to create the perfect space for you.

Your budget

For most business owners, an interior fit-out is an investment that will provide returns (see 3 ways an office facelift can help you be a better business). That being said, every organisation is different. As you decide on your budget, take into consideration the technical requirements of your workplace, the number of employees you’re required to equip and the pedigree you need your brand to reflect.

Your timeframe

In a highly competitive market like Dubai, there is often a limited timeframe to get a business set up and turning a profit. Because of this, many service providers agree to unrealistic schedules, only to leave the client disappointed when they can’t meet deadlines. When setting the terms for your office fit-out, allow time for evaluation and pre-planning, design and fabrication, as well as on-site execution.

Now that you’re mentally prepared, learn how to find the best interior design and fit-out company for you.