2021-04-26 06:19:11 am

How to find the best interior design and fit-out company for you

Does your store need a fresh new look to bring back customers? Maybe your showroom could use a few dynamite features to highlight the power of your brand? Or does your villa need a spectacular refurbishment to reflect your status? Whatever the project, you’ll need a brilliant interior design and fit-out team. But with Dubai offering so many choices, how do you find the right agency for you?


Friends, relatives, colleagues, mentors. We all have acquaintances whose style and judgement we trust. Your first step is to ask your circle to recommend companies with whom they’ve had positive experiences in interior fit-out and design.

Online research

The internet is a treasure trove of prospects, but how can you filter the results? As you browse through contractor websites, you can gauge their experience and skills by investigating their client list and the projects they have helped fulfil.

Impressive spaces

Restaurants, malls, retail outlets, clubs, offices and homes – consider the places you’ve visited that have impressed you with their creativity and style. A polite inquiry to the owner will easily uncover the interior specialist responsible for the design.

Now that you’ve narrowed down your list of preferred interior fit-out companies in Dubai, your next step is to reach out to them. Read all about it in our Beginner’s Guide.