2021-04-26 06:30:42 am

Essential guide: Choosing the best construction company for your residential or commercial space

For many setting out on a construction project in Dubai, the time comes when you have to find the best building contractor for your budget. Whether you’re finally building your dream villa, renovating your current property or design a new business venue from the ground up, you’ll want to work with professionals you can trust. Here’s our essential guide to choosing the perfect construction company, and making sure they have all the qualifications required for the job.


A good track record is essential. Look at previous projects to ensure that your contractor has the experience and skills necessary, and has a history of positive, successful projects. Even experts in the field need local know-how, so ask about the jobs they’ve completed locally.


The best building contractors are flexible and proactive. They will not only provide the options available for your specific budget but will also be able to give you the most value for your money.

Range of services

The wider the range of services, the more likely that your construction company can meet budget and deliver on time. What’s more, if your contractor is also experienced in fit-outs, he can ensure that construction is planned optimally for the interior design elements that will come later.


A great way to gauge the creativity of a contractor is to present them with a challenge and hear what solutions they provide. Professionals are always eager to fulfil your expectations while also satisfying the desire to create something both beautiful and special.

Personal care

There’s nothing more frustrating than a contractor who won’t answer your calls. During the vetting process, assess the level of customer care provided by the company, especially in the degree of personal contact with the management team.

Attention to detail

The devil is in the details. When interviewing construction specialists, you’ll quickly learn how detail-oriented they are in the way they communicate and share information. For an extra level of assurance, ask for recommendations from previous clients.

The best building contractors also provide expert interior fit-out services. Read all about it in our A-Z of interior fit-outs.