2021-04-26 06:20:23 am

Beginner’s Guide: Hiring an interior fit-out and design agency

Whether it’s your home, office, commercial space or entertainment venue, every interior fit-out job begins with a specialist and a plan. You’ve narrowed down your list of candidates to your top 3-5 choices. What comes next? Find out in our beginner’s guide to hiring an interior fit-out and design company.

Initiate your inquiry

As a first step, make a call to each of your prospects to establish 3 important factors: that they have the capabilities to take on your project, are licensed to fulfil your requirements and can complete them within the timeframe you have in mind. First impressions are crucial. This initial contact will tell you so much about the company, including their level of professionalism. How efficiently do they provide you with information? If you’re satisfied with their credentials and communication skills, you can proceed to the next step.

Request an evaluation

Generally, a professional evaluation will include a site visit, a discussion of the specific requirements and a cost estimate or quotation. Schedule a meeting at your property, and prepare a list of the points you would like to cover. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about the company’s skills and resources – be sure to discuss both the creative and technical aspects of the work. Armed with all the information and a visual assessment of the site, the contractor will then provide a quotation within an agreed timeframe.

Compare the results

Once you’ve gathered the proposals from all of your candidates, it’s time to decide which interior fit-out agency is the best fit for you. Many factors will go into your decision-making process, including cost, experience level and proposed timeframe. As projects will often go on for weeks and months, it’s important to feel at ease with your contractor. Honesty and integrity rank just as highly as creativity and expertise. If they meet all the criteria, then you’ve found the perfect company for you. Set the terms of the project, and prepare for the exciting journey ahead.

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