2021-04-26 06:26:28 am

A-Z of interior fit-outs

We’ve talked about all the different ways that an experienced interior design and fit-out contractor can help you create the perfect space for your personal or business needs. But what does an interior fit-out company do, exactly? Here’s our quick rundown of the many services provided by the best fit-out establishments.

Interior design consulting

Depending on the client’s requirements, this can range from a basic decor setup (think colour schemes and furniture sourcing) to a comprehensive plan involving interior architecture experts.


Planning and professional execution of all wiring can make a world of difference for a safe and efficient working or living space.


Never underestimate the job of the modest plumber, whose work ranges from kitchens and WCs to advanced operational requirements involving water and disposal systems.


Flooring solutions run the gamut of expressions, from the loftiness of marble tiles to the warmth of wood, to the ergonomics of hi-tech modern materials.

Wall treatments

Many are surprised by the variety of options available for wall treatments, from natural concrete and paint applications to wallpaper and mosaics to wood and stone cladding.


Choosing the right lighting systems is a crucial part of creating different moods and ensuring an optimal environment for your home, office or venue.


Reflecting the essence and stature of your business can be accomplished through a variety of smart applications ranging from signage to colour schemes and special features.


Whether contemporary or classical, furniture and decorative pieces can be sourced from all corners of the globe or custom-made to exact specifications.

Custom features

Unique features are essential for businesses looking to differentiate their venues from the competition or homeowners eager to reflect their individual style.


No interior is complete without greenery, whether naturally dispersed throughout the property or specially designed as an integral feature of the space.


For foundational construction work, authorisations are secured to ensure full compliance of safety standards and municipal regulations.

Fit-out specialists are a must-have for any comprehensive decor project, but if you prefer to start from scratch and build your own villa, you’ll want to read our essential guide to choosing the best construction company for you.